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Laughter Yoga

The Joy Solution!

Hello Everyone,

I’m inviting you to be a part of: The Joy Solution”!

I’m teaming up with Tina Brookhouse of Tina Brookhouse Fitness, located here in Williamston, to bring you Laughter Yoga in February!

This February, on Wednesday nights at 7:15pm, we will be creating Joy with Laughter Yoga.

We are offering a 4-session course of Laughter Yoga on Wednesday nights at 7:15pm for the month of February for $50. Here is the best part, Tina and I are donating all the proceeds to Ele’s Place to help bring more Joy to the kids.

How does participating in Laughter Yoga create the Joy Solution? Think about the last time you played or had a good belly laugh. Did you feel more Joy in your life? If you felt that way, did it bring more Joy to the people around you? I’m sure it did! By going out and having fun it creates a better world. When you laugh you are vibrating at a higher frequency and everyone around you benefits from that.

Be a part of the Joy Solution and sign up for the Laughter Yoga class that I will be instructing. You won’t be disappointed and in fact you will create an abundance of Joy!

Tina Brookhouse Fitness Studio164 W. Grand River Ave.Williamston, MI 48895Email:


What is Laughter Yoga?

An exciting new phenomenon that is reemerging our laughter abilities. It was started by Dr. Madan Kataria in Mumbai India in 1995 who as a medical doctor was writing an article entitled Laughter is the Best Medicine. We have all heard that line enough as it has been used by many individuals who have overcome or greatly improved there health and well being by focusing on joy and getting there more and more through laughter.

No Jokes are Necessary

There are no jokes and no need of puns or gags as that can often be subjective to different people and sometimes offensive. Dr. Kataria found that out through trial and error and moved forward into combining the laughter exercises with the pranayamic breathing used in yoga. Madhuri Kataria, the good doctor’s wife, is a yoga instructor and with the practice of using the yoga asanas (poses) many of the laughter exercises were transformed to a more beneficial effect for those engaging in Laughter Yoga. The word yoga simply means to bring things together in union and that is what both Madan and Madhuri have done, joined the laughter exercises with the breathing practices for a wonderful effect. It’s beneficial for the body and the mind.

There are playful exercises designed to reduce inhibitions and shyfulness, value based exercises designed to bring about positive feelings and shifts in attitudes, and there are the physical exercises designed to increase mobility and ease of movement. These different exercises when combined will assist each participant with an excellent cardio and mid body workout. In hearty laughter the heart rate can increase in one minute where it would take 10 minutes to achieve on exercise machines. The body and the brain receive more oxygen, reduce the stress related cortisol and increase the feel good endorphins which make a person feel much better.

Everyone Can Do It

One of the great concepts about Laughter Yoga is that you don’t have to be funny to do it. A good sense of humor is not necessary although if you practice it regularly you can develop one. You don’t have to even feel like doing it to get a benefit, as similar to biofeedback, the body does not know if what is being perceived is real or if it is fake. Putting the body through a series of laughter exercises will create a benefit even with a neutral attitude to begin with. Although, when gathering together with others and having the visual and/or auditory contact along with a childlike playfulness, participants end up in genuine laughter and that becomes another benefit.

Benefits Can Be More Than Physical

Aside from the physical health benefits, the emotional release laughter allows also stimulates a change as well as the social connection that it brings about. We say in Laughter Yoga that if you are thinking too much, you aren’t laughing enough. It is a great way to get out of the head and learn to laugh a bit at yourself and the circumstances you are surrounded by. Often we find through laughter that maybe that serious problem we thought we had isn’t so serious because we can approach it differently now.


Paul, Ann & Tina, just wanted you to know that I laughed so hard last night at Laughter Yoga, that my face hurts! Talk about aerobics for the insides and face muscles! Also, my upper mid-section got quite a work out, as it is sore this morning from the fun! So……..just a note to pass on to others, that the class is something that you learn to do. It’s positive, uplifting and well worth the time. I would invite anyone that can to do a drop in next Wednesday evening, February 23, 2011. Class is from 7:15 till about 8:00 at TB Fitness. $15.00 drop in fee goes to Ele’s place in Lansing! Great fundraiser, great exercise. All ages, men and women!

Laughter Yoga class at Tina Brookhouse Fitness was an absolute blast! It seems that the smile on my face is permanent! To give you my perspective on what we did in a nut shell, was fake it till you make it with laughing! Ann Pushies, our local Chiropractor, lead the class. Yes, it was corny……BUT……She explained that our mind does not know the difference between fake laughter, which really does turn into REAL laughter and real laughter! My upper mid-section is still sore from the laughter work out! Yes, just laughing gave me a work out! Got to love it! We were led in how to laugh differently, which ultimately turned into a really funny thing! SO….. Please join us! On Wednesday evenings, 7:15 PM, February 9, 16 or 23rd, stop by, it’s a $15.00 donation that goes to Ely’s place in Lansing. I am still laughing, and it’s sometimes in the middle of the night!

-Teresa WoodWood & Sons Corn BinWilliamston, MI